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Psyc moving madness


Psyc moving madness

Psyc moving madness

What will TRIGGER It?

Psyc moving madness
Psyc moving madness

Who are the BAD Guys?

Psyc moving madness
Psyc moving madness


Psyc moving madness
Psyc moving madness

Holy Land Inc. strategy to facilitate

Psyc moving madness



Many Christians are very conscious of the ominous prediction in the Bible that things will one day, at the end of time, go very wrong. And they know this time is referred to as the TRIBULATION. Those who have found out a bit more, know that Daniel predicted it. Most, however, don't think or know that it will affect them and don't contemplate ways to safeguard themselves. Others, especially Christians who know they would be targeted because of their testimony and commitment, are not all that worried about the Tribulation, because they bargain on being taken out alive and bodily by means of the so-called RAPTURE.

In general Christians' interest in END-TIME teachings is mostly centered on WHEN this Rapture might take place - with the hope that they will survive until that time. Many Christians, of course, do not agree with the Rapture doctrine, and they have more of a wait-and-see attitude.

What state of affairs could be regarded as Tribulation? Generally, it's a scenario where specific groups of persons are persecuted, a condition that has been around throughout the ages as certain groups were being targeted. That was tribulation for them, but End-Time TRIBULATION will be more widespread because it will be aimed at the masses that don't agree with those in power or are disqualified because of their beliefs, agenda, grouping, associations, etc. All religions will be targeted and dicriminated against as we already see in France and even North America where reference to the God of Israel and his Son is being banned in public.  Muslims are also targeted due to Islam being such a fertile breeding ground for terrorism. What we need to establish is,

What will TRIGGER It?

An answer to the  "What" question will also indicate with considerable accuracy "When" it will happen, because the "When" will follow the "What." We will know from the fact that people groups will be subjected to impossible demands and regulations, people will disappear or be rounded up, will try to hide or flee, like the Jews in Europe during World War II, etc.

What will trigger mass action against people? As we see it, the trigger will be a clash in which Israel will knock out some of her neighbors and a lot Arabs in her own territory.  We have explained how this could come about  in our "Prophetic Wakeup Call!"

In addition, one only needs to mention the tremendous increase in anti-Semitism worldwide, most worrisome of which, that in Europe.
Arutz Sheva News Service reported on May 23, 2003: In France hate crimes quadrupled in 2002, with over half of the attacks aimed at Jews. The outbreak of the Oslo War (Intifada) in late 2000 sparked a wave of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide, with Europe's largest number of anti-Semitic attacks occurring in France. Attacks in Great Britain rose by 75% last year as well.

A European Union-sponsored survey showing the extent of anti-Israeli sentiment in Europe has many people in Israel quite worried. The poll surveyed 7,500 people, 500 in each of the 15 EU member states. They were presented with a list of 15 countries, and were asked if these countries present a threat to world peace. Israel was rated "yes" by the highest

number of respondents, almost 59%. Arutz Sheva News Service Nov. 4, 2003.

The anti-Semitism mentioned above is based on the "limited action" Israel actually so far needed to take to safeguard her citizens against terrorist acts by the "POOR" (so-called) Palestinians. One shudders to think what reaction there would be in the nations when Israel is forced to wipe out a large number of Arabs. Large scale persecution will erupt against Jews in the nations, including people groups like Christians who are known to support them. And while "THEY" are at it, they will also go after others who don't fit into their mould.

Who are "THEY," the BAD Guys?

Let's limit ourselves to narrowing "THEM" down to leaders in leading nations who conspire to control the world, whether they be royalty, presidents, politicians, government officials and departments, intelligence services,  institutions, business tycoons, clergy, secretive organizations, etc.  

In other words, NATIONALISM, replaced by INTER-NATIONALISM or GLOBALISM. It's nothing new in the world, since it was already what the Tower of Babel was all about, that would be tried over and over by others - as the Prophet Daniel pointed out, ending in our day with the resurrected Roman Empire.

For that reason, in our opinion, the U. S. A must go down and Europe must go up. It explains why American presidents seem to do what's best globally as against nationally. It causes political leaders to seem to be fighting for the enemy as we see with Israeli leaders, viz., as stated by Dr. Aaron Lerner in Imra-Digest, Nov. 29 2001:

Instead of being fired for knowingly hurting Israel's position, we have Foreign Minister Shimon Peres openly attacking/attempting to undermine Israel's negotiating position.

Shimon Peres' "selling out" of Israel is typical of leftist Israeli leaders, from the inception of the State of Israel, including Ben Gurion and Golda Meir. Most baffling, however, is the way Israeli generals try to give away all the land they had fought for when they become politicians. Under them. the most famous, Yitzchak Rabin, Ehud Barak, Avram Mitzna and now  also Arial Sharon. Barry Chamish <> writes  about Sharon in his NOTES FROM THE UNDERWORLD (Jan 16, 2004):

How long must we hammer in the same message: Sharon is totally compromised by the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) and does its bidding?

Reports continue to surface that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's diplomatic policies are being run more in tandem with American dictates than with Israeli Cabinet decisions. Middle East Newsline (MENL) reports today that Sharon pledged to the United States that he would help establish an interim Palestinian state in 2004, regardless of whether the Palestinian Authority ends terrorism and eliminates terrorist infrastructures.

[NB. Most of Israel's Prime Ministers happen to be high ranking Freemasons - just look at the line-up at PM Rabin's funeral to see what we mean -- especially international figures who had no official reason to attend like, Prince Charles. Zionsake Editor]

What the so-called PEACE PROCESS is all about, is to conform Israel in power and size to a standard that could be controllable in a GLOBAL constellation of nations. Actually "THEY" would prefer for Israel not to exist at all, since the demon forces that oppose the God of Israel, know they don't have a chance to foil HIS plans with HIS Inheritance, Israel.

To CONFORM, Israel must make the most damaging concessions any nation can make, namely, give up territory -  territory they have lived on for most of 4 millennia. What we mean is reflected by the following:

Europe and the Saudis pressed ahead with an initiative for bringing Israel into the European Union and NATO as a full member in return for its withdrawal to pre-1967 war lines and a settlement evacuation plan. DEBKAfile Special Analysis February 5, 2004

One after the other, Israeli leaders seem to make a total about turn by making concessions to the detriment of their nation. With some, like Shimon Peres, it's willingly because they are part of the globalist agenda, while others have to be coerced into towing the line - mostly by threatening to withdraw loan guarantees.

WHAT, HOWEVER, WILL HAPPEN IF ISRAEL IS FORCED TO TAKE UNILATERAL ACTION against the Arabs that would foil the plans of the international community to destroy Israel or to prevent her from becoming too strong for "THEM" to control?

A power vacuum will be created in the Middle East that Israel, the victors, will be able to utilize to become the controlling power in the region - basically only the Turks and Iranians (Persians), [non-Arabs], will be left, and they will need the line-up of the allies we see in Ezekiel 38-39 (Armageddon) to try to bring down Israel.

Instead of lining up against the State of  Israel straight away the nations and people groups in the nations will turn on the Jews closest to them, their fellow citizens, including gentiles known to be sympathetic to Israel - mainly Christians.  This, as we've already pointed out, will in our view TRIGGER widespread TRIBULATION.


Ironically, and incredibly so, churches that do talk about end-times  (escatology) and biblical end-time prophets concentrate all their speculation on when the RAPTURE will be, none on what will cause it to erupt. Consequently, nothing is also done to prepare Christians for whatever TRIBULATION they will have to go through. Needless to say, no church leader can tell them where to run to.

Another irony, is that some Christians have for years been involved with planning and preparing escape routes, safe houses, etc. for Jews from the nations. The reason, of course, why planning to RESCUE Jews can be done, is because Israel has been there for them to run to since 1948.

Contrary to Jews, Christians are not planning their own escape from TRIBULATION because they don't know where to run to. They don't know that ISRAEL is there for them to run to AS WELL, because they know so little about the God of  Israel's plans with his land and his Jews. Most just see hardship for the Jews until the remaining few are saved by their Messiah during the Armageddon war. Few have noticed the words "in peace," "unwalled villages," "living in such confidence," "rich" and "earth revolves around them" describing their status quo when the nations attack them in the Armageddon War.

Ezek 38:8 "'A long time from now you will be called to action. In distant years you will swoop down onto the land of Israel that will be lying in peace (in safety - NIV) after the return of its people from many lands...11 You will have said, "Israel is an unprotected land of  unwalled villages! I will march against her and destroy these people living in such confidence! 12 I will go to those once-desolate cities that are now filled with people again-those who have returned from all the nations-and I will capture vast amounts of loot and many slaves. For the people are rich with cattle now, and the whole earth revolves around them!" TLB

"earth revolves around them" - the literal translation is: "at the center of the world" -- implying that Israel will have a say in everything happening in the nations.

Christians fail to grasp the advantage and significance of having become "GRAFTED IN" into and being "PART" of the "COMMONWEALTH OF ISRAEL."

Rom 11:17 But some of these branches from Abraham's tree, some of the Jews, have been broken off. And you Gentiles who were branches from, we might say, a wild olive tree, were grafted in. So now you, too, receive the blessing God has promised Abraham and his children, sharing in God's rich nourishment of his own special olive tree. TLB
Eph 2:11 Therefore remember that you, once Gentiles in the flesh--who are called Uncircumcision by what is called the Circumcision made in the flesh by hands-- 12 that at that time you were without Christ, being aliens from the
commonwealth of Israel commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. 13 But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. NKJV

The concept in Eph 2:12, "strangers from the covenants of promise" is not limited to spiritual salvation, since the God of Israel's covenant with his people, including the "wild" olive branches that are grafted in, also entails a place to live in safety and prosperity. That non-Jewish believers are to share in the Promised land is clearly born out in the following statements:  

Isa 14:1 But the Lord will have mercy on the Israelis; they are still his special ones. He will bring them back to settle once again in the land of Israel. And many nationalities will come and join them there and be their loyal allies [contrary to the Arabs who want to take their inheritance from them]. 2 The nations of the world will help them to return, and those coming to live in their land will serve them. Those enslaving Israel will be enslaved-Israel shall rule her enemies! TLB
The Torah repeats the command 36 times that Jews must help any non-Jew who dwells in peace in the land of Israel. David Bedein, Israel Resource News Agency.
2 Chron 30:25 Then the people of Judah, together with the priests, the Levites, the
foreign residents, and the visitors from Israel, were filled with deep joy. TLB
Ezek 47:21 "You are to distribute this land among yourselves according to the tribes of Israel. 22 You are to allot it as an inheritance for yourselves
and for the aliens who have settled among you and who have children. You are to consider them as native-born Israelites; along with you they are to be allotted an inheritance among the tribes of Israel. 23 In whatever tribe the alien settles, there you are to give him his inheritance," declares the Sovereign LORD. NIV
Rom 9:23 And
he has a right to take others such as ourselves, who have been made for pouring the riches of his glory into, whether we are Jews or Gentiles, and to be kind to us so that everyone can see how very great his glory is. 25 Remember what the prophecy of Hosea says? There God says that he will find other children for himself (who are not from his Jewish family) and will love them, though no one had ever loved them before. 26 And the heathen, of whom it once was said, "You are not my people," shall be called "sons of the Living God." TLB

From these scriptures it is abundantly clear that "foreigners" are just as welcome to settle in the Promised Land as Jews are. [as long, of course, as they are be their loyal allies as states above in Isa 14:1]. Jehovah already set this "trend" in his instructions to Abraham about the circumcision:

Gen 17:11 the foreskin of his penis shall be cut off. This will be the proof that you and they accept this covenant. 12 Every male shall be circumcised on the eighth day after birth. This applies to every foreign-born slave as well as to everyone born in your household. This is a permanent part of this contract, and it applies to all your posterity. TLB

Whereas Jehovah automatically included foreigners in the Jewish nations via the circumcision, citizenship in Israel in our day is strictly limited to Jews by means legislation. Israel is accommodating a large number of foreign workers in spite of the presence of the hoards of Arabs in the country. This, of course, because of the Arabs' terrorist activities. This need for foreign workers will continue in future, and increase by millions in the near future (in our view) when the Arab's militancy leads to their elimination from the country.

Be ready therefore, Israel is going to need large numbers of immigrants, especially when vast tracks of land become available due to the disappearance of  the Arabs.

And BE WARNED, TRIBULATION could start with as little notice as ONE DAY!   Isa 17:14 In the evening, sudden terror! Before the morning, they are gone!

Holy Land Inc.'s strategy to facilitate

It is to enable prospective immigrants to explore the Holy Land the way Abra(ha)m was instructed to, setting up camp from place to place. With the difference that we plan to set up camps and acquire campers, caravans, tents and accessories and amenities as capital becomes available.

Holy Land Camping

As on the Holy Land Camping website, we would like to invite pioneers, Jewish & Christian, to contact E-mail: HOLY LAND INC. to become partners in the project, or even just to express support. It will be heartwarming and a tremendous encouragement to hear from you. Contact us in Israel at telephone 056-547-383

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