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Our Mission: Campsites  that  are  as  Environ-
mentally  Friendly  as  is  Humanly  possible

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A "GREEN" policy for our campsites is pursued for, of course, firstly environmental reasons, but we also believe that Israel should, in accordance with prophecy, start to lead the nations in all fields, including renewable energy.

In line with the mission of Holy Land Inc. to help with the restoration of Israel, we therefore intend to do our bit and renewable energy projects have become a foremost priority. And what better way than to incorporate experiments with renewable energy into campsite development. In our vision green campsites will become green villages.

Literature about alternative fuels can be found at our Environment website. Another facet of our green crusade is also reflected at the site, namely to discourage excessive printing by promoting paperless systems and dealing with documents in digitized format. Where paper is the better option, however, as with dealing with garbage, it will be what we'll use exclusively at our campsites - non of this modern culture of packaging garbage in environmentally unfriendly plastic. No plastic bottles will be found in our garbage either; all bottles, glass and plastic, will go to recycling containers. Holy Land Inc. might even get involved in the processing of recycled plastic containers, which will provide employment and enable growth of campsites into permanent villages. Similarly, renewable energy projects and running of installations could also provide employment.

Ethanol from Corn
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your driving dollar
28 April 2006

ME Oil revenues are used to finance terrorism against Israel and the West. Why buy their polluting fuel and encourage terrorism?

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Providing for mother nature's calls at green campsites

In accordance with the quest to find green camping solutions, our first thoughts were to try to invent a septic tank system that could be used to produce methane gas. Then we came across Joseph C. Jenkins' book, "Humanure" that lead us to realize that a more down to earth system of composting linked to ablution would be more practical - given that it would be possible to condition our corporate team to accept the idea of "humanure."

Let's start the conditioning by mentioning that guests at hostels and hotels in old buildings in the Old City in Jerusalem mostly don't have a problem to put used toilet paper, sanitary towls, etc. in mostly open waste paper containers in toilets. Would it therefore be such a problem for people to use a toilet where everything, including paper, even sanitary towls just disappear out of sight? Especially, of course, if it is built in such a way that they can't see what's "down there" - contrary to have to look at what's floating in the water in a flushing toilet system... and then to see it still there in an


Joseph C. Jenkins' book Humanure

ineffective flushing system and having to apply mechanical means to deal with it - or leave it for the next user of staff to deal with!. Jigh...!

Our guests out there in a pioneering situation, will not be confronted by a flushed or unflushed, clean or dirty toilet, but by a hole down which they can't look and no odor - because everybody will be required to throw an ample quantity of saw dust, or some other organic material down the toilets after they have used them that will cover what's "down there" and prevent odors. (It's ironic, but composting is a practically odorless process!)

Toilet cubicles will be raised so that the compost boxes can be put some way under the cubicles and a short pipe of about 4 to 6 inches (100 to 150 mm) in diameter will be connected to funnel shape toilets for human "discharges" into the boxes. The pipes will be at an angle so that one wouldn't be able to see down them into the boxes.

Compos crates that can be connected to toilets

The outlets will be cleaned using minimal amounts of water and chemicals that won't harm composting organisms. The boxes will be well ventilated to enable aerobic organisms to do their work.

Organic material from the kitchen will also be added to hasten the composting process, since the impetus, especially at a new campsite, will be on making as much compost as we can in the shortest possible time to get plants, going - especially trees. Compost will also be used to filter ablution and kitchen water.

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