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Holy Land Camping Explore the Holy Land the way Abra(ha)m  did, by setting up (GREEN) campsites from place to place.
Genesis 13:3 Then they continued traveling by stages toward Bethel, to the place between Bethel and Ai where they had camped before. 4 This was the place where Abram had built the altar, and there he again worshiped the LORD.
At the moment, of course, it is not possible to explore all the land promised (mandated)  to Israel (Balfour Declaration) due to the false claims of the Arabs/Moslems and the Islamic strategy of terrorism to get what they want. This will soon change when Israel will be forced to deal with their hostile enemy and eventually win back control of all the land promised to the Jews - see Prophetic Wakeup call! Then it should be possible to reverse Abraham's steps, starting at the Red Sea in the Sinai and ending at the Euphrates River - see "Pursue Israel's boundaries." It will not just be a matter of exploring the land, but also of settling it by establishing campsites that can develop into communities - similar to the present "outpost" strategy to acquire land.

It is still early days, but a good time for the venture to take its first baby steps, since it will start filling the present void of camping facilities in Israel. All it will take to get it going is to set up a workshop/office close to the airport to start putting together campers and camping equipment and work on logistics.

Pioneers, Jewish & Christian, are therefore invited to contact  HOLY LAND INC. via Feedback to become partners in the project, or potential clients - as new immigrants (olim) or tourists.  Please see also, Founder's Report